A True One-stop Centre for all things Advertising
Solid yet flexible solutions for clients’ needs, exceed clients’ expectations of quality and service & a personal touch make BannerKing, a leader in the industry

BannerKing is the brainchild of young and dynamic entrepreneur Jordan Ng, a native of the up and coming city of Klang. BannerKing is, like their slogan says, more than just banners. It is the mother company gathering BannerKing, SignKing, LEDKing, PosterKing, T-King and Jordan Print all under one umbrella. Sixteen years into its existence, the company has five outlets in the Klang Valley to its name. Priding itself to be a true one-stop shop for all things advertising, Jordan and his team offer services ranging from logo design and corporate identity creation to banners, bunting, signboards, LED display panels, poster frames, wallpaper, exhibition setups, t-shirt printing and offset printing. While BannerKing has made a name for itself by consistently meeting and striving to exceed clients’ expectations of quality and service, Jordan has also introduced some very impressive CSR campaigns geared towards advancement of his native city, Klang.

The Beginning
Having returned from the USA with a new degree in international business, BannerKing founder Jordan Ng realised that he had embraced a typically American cando attitude which was much needed in the
advertising sector in Malaysia. He also brought back very relevant knowledge from the US. Every company, big or small, needs a clear logo design to be identified by. “Back then,” he remembers, “creative minds would sit in a somewhat messy studio, hidden away from a potential client’s view. There was no customer service, no reception area to sit down and discuss clients’ needs, and no sales effort on the part of advertising companies,” he adds. His shop concept was to be one of the first to follow the setup of telco operators and service companies. Many advertising companies have followed his lead since he opened BannerKing’s first outlet as a oneman-show in Jalan Kapar, Klang in 2000. He also opened four more outlets in strategically favorable locations around the Klang Valley, and employed over 30 professionals in order to better serve his clientele in Bukit Tinggi, Puchong and Petaling Jaya as well. The company’s newest addition this year takes the shape of a dedicated LEDKing showroom in Klang.

Product Offerings
While companies will always have a need for banners and signboards, especially for short-term promotions, special events and mobile advertising, the future lays in the LED business, with big, TV-like signboards popping up at high frequency traffic junctions and pedestrian areas all over the Klang Valley. BannerKing is a dynamic business operating in the fast paced environment of advertising. The company’s philosophy is based on the premise that a new employee can learn the tricks of the trade, but he needs to bring the correct attitude to the table from day one. Each team member knows that he is an essential pillar, co-responsible for the company’s success, who might well be one day given the opportunity to lead his own team in a new BannerKing outlet beyond the confines of the Klang Valley.

The Future
The next step in BannerKing’s evolution will aim at national expansion. With the right teams and the proper management leadership, BannerKing aspires to provide one-stop solutions as well as meticulously tailor-made projects for advertising, branding and printing needs under the iconic black and yellow BannerKing logo in every town in Malaysia. By 2020 the company hopes to be publicly listed and then launch into the even bigger regional market including Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. Jordan Ng knows the requirements of his trade; he knows what his customers expect and value in their partnership with BannerKing. Solid yet flexible solutions for clients’ requirements, consistently high quality workmanship, dedicated teams with in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends and a personal touch that will always remind the client of their very unique relationship are still the best advertising tools for this advertising company. After all, his credo is, “we aspire to bring more customers to our customers.”